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Courses in foreign languages

MVD031KEuropean Court of Human Rights and Family LawAutumn 20213en
MVE011KAutumn School of Global Legal SkillsAutumn 20215en
MVV0668KInternational Commercial ArbitrationSpring 20223en
MVV1368KPrivacy and Personal DataAutumn 20214en
MVV151KWritten Communication in Legal GermanAutumn 20213de
MVV1568KLaw of Domain Names and Online MarketingSpring 20224en
MVV294KContemporary Issues in EU Antitrust EnforcementAutumn 20213en
MVV295KTax System and Constitutional TaxationSpring 20223en
MVV310KInternational and EU Energy LawAutumn 20214en
MVV312KFree Movement of Persons in the EUSpring 20223en
MVV32KHuman Rights in EuropeAutumn 20214en
MVV327KAmerican Legal Racism: From the 1787 Constitution to the 2020 George Floyd MurderAutumn 20213en
MVV328KAustrian History of Law and Constitution in 19th/20th Century (Focus on Civil Law Development)Autumn 20213de
MVV329KTrends in European and International Tax LawAutumn 20213en
MVV330KLaw of International OrganisationsAutumn 20213en
MVV331KProtection of the Employment Relationship or Protection of the Working Person? European Perspective.Autumn 20213en
MVV332KIntroduction to Polish Constitutional Law in a Comparative PespectiveAutumn 20213en
MVV334KBalancing of Public and Private Interests during Regulation of Business ActivityAutumn 20213en
MVV335KEthical Issues in U.S. Law PracticeAutumn 20213en
MVV336KThe US Supreme Court and Public SchoolsAutumn 20213en
MVV337KLaw and Video Games: A Complex EcosystemAutumn 20213en
MVV57908KIntroduction into Investment Law and ArbitrationAutumn 20214en
MVV57917KRegulating Disruptive TechnologiesAutumn 20213en
MVV57918KIntroduction to Austrian Civil law - from the Perspective of an AttorneyAutumn 20213de
MVV59KSoftware LawAutumn 20214en
MVV60KCybersecurity LawSpring 20224en
MVV61KInternational Arbitration in the Energy SectorSpring 20224en
MVV69KInternational and European Intellectual Property LawSpring 20224en
MVV7917KPrivate International Law, Intellectual Property Rights and the InternetSpring 20224en
MVV793KInternet Gaming and Entertainment LawSpring 20223en
MVV80KAdvanced CyberlawSpring 20223en
MV517KGerman and Austrian Systems of Procedural LawAutumn 20214de
MV617KGerman and Swiss Systems of Procedural LawSpring 20224de
MV836KSchool of Polish LawSpring 20224pl
MX003KThe Twilight of ConstitutionalismSpring 20223en
SOC001Comparative Constitutional Law and PoliticsAutumn 20216en
SOC002International and Czech Environmental LawAutumn 20216en
SOC003Public Administration in the Czech RepublicSpring 20226en
SOC004Selected problems of Czech Criminal LawAutumn 20216en
SOC004Selected problems of Czech Criminal LawSpring 20226en
SOC009Competition Policy and Competition LawAutumn 20216en
SOC009Competition Policy and Competition LawSpring 20226en
SOC015Czech Legal CultureAutumn 20216en
SOC015Czech Legal CultureSpring 20226en
SOC016General Theory of LawSpring 20226en
SOC017Introduction to Czech Private Law in European ContextSpring 20226en
SOC018Copyright LawSpring 20226en
SOC019EU LawSpring 20226en
SOC020Czech and Comparative Tax LawAutumn 20216en
SOC020Czech and Comparative Tax LawSpring 20226en
SOC022European CyberlawAutumn 20216en
SOC022European CyberlawSpring 20226en
SOC030European Private International LawAutumn 20216en
SOC034Introduction to the European Union LawAutumn 20216en
SOC036Marketing for LawyersAutumn 20213en
SOC036Marketing for LawyersSpring 20223en
SOC037European Labour LawAutumn 20216en
SOC037European Labour LawSpring 20226en
SOC041Introduction to Legal English for Erasmus StudentsAutumn 20216en
SOC041Introduction to Legal English for Erasmus StudentsSpring 20226en
SOC042Constitutional Adjudication – Morphology, Genealogy and LegitimacySpring 20226en
SOC043Work on Diploma ThesesAutumn 202120en
SOC043Work on Diploma ThesesSpring 202220en
SOC044Basics of EU Environmental LawAutumn 20216en
SOC044Basics of EU Environmental LawSpring 20226en
SOC045European Economic AreaSpring 20226en
SOC046Roman LawAutumn 20216en
SOC049Law of Succession in the Middle-European AreaSpring 20226en
SOC050Legal PhilosophyAutumn 20216en
SOC050Legal PhilosophySpring 20226en
SOC051Climate LawSpring 20226en
SOC053Constitutional Law of the European UnionSpring 20224en

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