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Masaryk University
Faculty of Law

Every year more than a hundred exchange students come to study at the Masaryk University Faculty of Law and they are very satisfied with their student life in Brno and with their studies at MUNI LAW. Read their experiences and key facts about MUNI LAW, follow the timeline and apply.

We look forward to welcoming you among our international students!

See below timelines for stays in Autumn and Spring semesters:

Autumn semesterSpring semester

Courses taught in foreign languages

Exchange students' Experiences

Current News

Key facts about the MUNI Faculty of Law:

  • No. 1 Law school in the Czech Republic;
  • Solid historical background dating back to 1919;
  • Prestigious legal and educational institution;
  • Preparing students in many different legal fields;
  • Systematic clinical and practical teaching of legal skills;
  • Central focus on linking teaching and research;
  • Cooperating with international educational and scientific organisations and institutions all over the world;
  • Placing MUNI in the 88th position in LAW in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings (2022);
  • International curriculum, including PhD programs in English, vast number of courses taught in foreign languages by visiting professors and home professors;
  • Located in Brno - the centre of the Czech judiciary (the 4th Student City in the world - according to students!).


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