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Exchange Students

The general information for the exchange students is provided in the International Student Guide. Plus, the important conditions to be accepted at Masaryk University are as follows:

  • you have been nominated by your home university;
  • you have submitted all the application documents needed via the MUNI ISOIS online application;
  • you have presented evidence of proficiency in English which must correspond to B2 level on the CEFR or higher;
  • you have chosen courses giving a minimum of at least 20 ECTS credits in each semester.

If you wish to study at Masaryk University under the Erasmus+ programme, please follow the application and other instructions provided by the Centre for International Cooperation here.

The Faculty Agreements applicants follow this application path: Within the online application  choose Faculty agreements cycle ► choose country ► choose home university ► choose home university + Faculty agreement ► fill out the application form.

The following links provide further important information:

If you have any questions, please contact the Office for International Relations.

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