Experience of incoming students

A Profound unforgettable experience

Saviour Holali Horsu (Semesters:autumn 2019)

To begin with, I will choose MUNI faculty of Law over and over again. I came to the faculty as a student with Finance background with a lot of doubts if I made the right decision but with the diligence and efficiency level of the Professors,I had no regrets at all. I mean they make learning a lot more fun and easier. The Faculty also has a serene and conducive environment with the library stocked with relevant materials. From the orientation till the very last day was worth every minute. Searching for a place for your exchange program in the field of law? Look no further!

Amazing time at the Masaryk University

Iryna Buika (Semesters:spring 2019)

I am madly glad that I took part in the Erasmus program and I am doubly glad that I spent the spring semester at Masaryk University. This is an incredibly cool university with a family atmosphere and a wonderful teaching system, and, in general, a learning system. Here everything is done so that the student is comfortable, cozy and at the same time interesting to gain knowledge in a particular area. Speaking about my own experience, I can say that each lesson was interesting, held in one breath, in a relaxed, kind atmosphere. Initially, was very scary: to answer questions, to discuss with the teacher, say something on the subject, but the support of the teacher in this regard played an important role. All the teachers who taught me classes were very open and good-natured. The teachers here are on the same wavelength with the students. This is especially cool, as it helps the student to quickly open up, join the learning process and feel like a part of the university, and not just a foreign student. This suggests that teachers have high professionalism, not only in a particular area, but also in general in the field of teaching and working with students. I would very much like to mention the following teachers: Radoslava Šopovová, Josef Bejček, Eva Tomášková, Radim Polčák, Michal Janovec, Johan Schweigl. I want to express feelings of immense gratitude for their hospitality, an individual approach to each student and of course for the high professionalism in their field. I would also like to mention the guys from the ESN community In the first days of my stay in Brno, these guys were there, helping to adapt to the local environment. I can’t imagine what I would do if it were not for their concern, friendliness and willingness to help. Also, the guys showed what breathes and lives not only the university, but Brno as a whole. Thanks to the countless number of different activities, they made all the guys who came to the Erasmus program a great family. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Center for International Cooperation, in particular, to my coordinator Petr Boucník, who fully accompanied the organizational process of the program. Insanely organized, responsible, friendly and responsive man. Always clearly and understandable he explained all the organizational issues associated with this program. Thank you for Masaryk University for a wonderful time. I will miss.

Exchange Experience at Masaryk University

Anni Sofia Pallaspuro (Semesters:autumn 2018)

Feedback on the courses; I completed six different courses during my exchange, amounting to 31 credits in total. I found the workload is manageable and there is an opportunity to score well in all courses. Most interesting to me proved to be the course in European Cyberlaw, and I especially enjoyed the teaching of Radim Polčák. Additionally, I enjoyed the course in Privacy and Personal Data, as this also broadened my knowledge in a field of law completely new to me. However, the course did require a considerable amount of work and the lecturers spent some time marking and giving feedback on our papers, which led me to believe that the final grade to received (merely a pass or fail) was not very rewarding considering the amount of work the students and teachers put in. The course in Competition Law and Competition Policy required the most work for completion, with a semester paper of 15 pages, an exam and presentation. The topic of the course was perhaps not directly in my field of interest, and I ended up choosing the course due to schedule clashes. The course I took in Comparative Constitutional Law and Politics seemed to have repeated topics already learned during our Constitutional Law course in Groningen, but some of the class discussions proved interesting. My courses in International Law in International Tribunals and Domestic Courts and European Court of Human Rights and Family Law, whilst discussing some areas of law and issues very interesting to me, add much to my previously held knowledge in this area as much as I had hoped initially. The lecturers for these courses were often up to 20-30 minutes late, and it did not seem that much preparation had been done for the lesson on their part. Overall experience I enjoyed Brno as a student city, and it can be described as an affordable city when living with a student budget. The public transport connections were good and spread throughout the city. I found the social aspect of student life in Brno to be a bit challenging. Most students seemed to be staying in student housing and going to parties organized by ESN. As I prefer to live in private accommodation and enjoy somewhat different parties and events, I found it harder to assimilate and find places I enjoyed when compared to Groningen. This could have also been due to the short time of the stay. I also experienced some prejudices and difficulties concerning practical issues as an English-speaking student. This was not an issue at the University, but when using certain services and in case I needed to see the doctor during my exchange. I found that some personnel at customer services or the post office, and even doctors listed as English-speaking, did not in fact speak English and would even hang-up during a phone call when hearing only English on the other side of the line. This happened to me on few occasions, and thus taking care of everyday practical matters could become frustrating at times. Perhaps having a local friend or some knowledge of the language could have made me feel a bit more comfortable in these situations. Also, I was not perhaps expecting this from Brno advertised as an internationally friendly city. But overall I enjoyed my exchange experience in Brno, and found all the teachers and professors to be very helpful and friendly when asking questions or advice. I would recommend Brno as an exchange destination to other students!

From Vilnius with love

Oleksandra Novikova (Semesters:autumn 2018)

I was granted a unique opportunity to spend my last academic semester on Master programme as an Erasmus exchange student at Masaryk University. From the very beginning, I chose it specifically because of the subjects which sounded helpful for my thesis. Although I couldn't enrol into all I'd planned (changes to the LA appeared to be a very common issue :) ), I was happy with the classes I took eventually since all of them were extremely interesting and practical and were held by very friendly Professors! Also, I would like to thank amazing librarians who were always very nice and willing to help, my awesome ESN buddy who had been taking care of me from the day of arrival, and my Erasmus coordinator who had been dealing with all problems like a Wonderwoman! It goes without saying that this semester was way more than just studying. Brno is a lovely cosy town one may fall in love with immediately. Kino Scala (simply one love), theatres (I had a chance to watch the performances at Janáček, Reduta, Mahen and BuranTeatr), art exhibitions, museums, hockey games (I'll never forget 'Jedeme MUNI jedeme'), Planetarium, Zoo, botanical gardens, hiking in the deer park... The list is not exhaustive ;) Plus - meeting an incredible amount of great people all over the world! Long story short, this experience means a lot for me and will always have its place in my heart.


Andrea Kovacs (Semesters:autumn 2018)

I really liked my experience here, the courses were amazing, I learned a lot. The requirements were clear from the start and did not change throughout the semester (which is a usual thing where I am coming from). It was really good to attend the Cyberspace conference too as a student of MUNI, I would not have had this opportunity otherwise.

Brno - the perfect place to be a student

Fredrikke Fjellberg Moldenaes (Semesters:autumn 2018)

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic. This means that the city is not too big to get lost, at the same time as it offers a lot of fun stuff to do. In my opinion, Brno is the perfect place to be a student. You meet cool students from around the world, the beer is cheap, the food is good, and the rent is not expensive. The city offers all from different festivals and markeds, to art galleries and historical buildings. I study law and took my special courses at the faculty of law at Masaryk University. The faculty offers a lot of interesting courses, within both public and private law. The professors speak english, and some of them have experiences from studying and working abroad. I found all of my courses useful, and most of them also very interesting. They were all concerning international law, and therefore of use when I went back to my home faculty. My impression is that Masaryk University is a modern, obliging and open-minded university. My timetable (school from Tuesday to Thursday) allowed me to travel during the weekends. Since Brno is in the center of Europe, you can be in another city, and country, within few hours of bus/train. The student discounts made it possible to travel almost every weekend. For instance, to beautiful cities like Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest or Krakow. So, if you are thinking about going abroad; just do it! And choose Brno!

5 months to remember

Laura Berton (Semesters:autumn 2018)

The past 5 months has been unforgettable. I have had the possibility to meet a huge amount of people from all over the world and to speak at least 3 different types of languages. I could follow classes in english with teachers that were both friendly and professionals. I could also travel a lot around Europe: Poland, Austria, Germany and Hungary. What to say more: thankyou Masaryk University.

Experience in Brno

Matteo Cancellieri (Semesters:autumn 2018)

I have studied in the faculty of Law. I've experienced another kind of university organization. I've prepared essay, presentation and I started to talk in class. I'm happy for these months.

My experience with Erasmus in Masaryk University Brno

Paulina Skultetyova (Semesters:autumn 2018)

First of all, I would start with the study process in Masaryk University in Brno. Comparing with my home university there are some changes. We were supposed to write the essays here in Brno and it was a new experience for me, because we do not write essays in my home university. I appreciate that, because you will practice your written skills while writing essays, as well as your speaking skills will get better because of communication with your new classmates and the teachers. And that is the next positive thing. You will definitely meet new people and make new friends! Because that is also a part of Erasmus+ program. Meeting new interesting people and getting know their culture. I would definitely recommend to choose Brno for Erasmus+ program, because when you come here you will fall in love with the city. And as I mentioned above, I like the style of study process in Brno and the courses were very interesting for me! You will learn a lot of new information.


Nino Odishelidze (Home university: Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Semesters:autumn 2017)

When I first started attending Masaryk University I was very nervous, but as the time went on I found myself in a very friendly environment. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different countries and get to know their culture better. Also I was able to learn many interesting things while attending lectures and communicating with my teachers. Also I was amazed by the hospitality of Czech people. It was the happiest time of my life. Masaryk University gives you opportunity to develop yourself, not to mention whole new vision about life and the profession you have chosen to follow. I plan to go back very soon. Studying here is a worthy experience.

Best year of my life

Pauline Le Dizes (Home university: Université Paul Cézanne Aix Marseille III, Semesters:year 2017)

Brno has everything an Erasmus student could wish for, it's located in the middle of Europe, it's a middle-sized city and it is full of students! Going on Erasmus gives you the chance to study in a foreign language and it is the right way discover new teaching methods, follow courses you would have never thought of. Teachers at Masaryk Univerisity Faculty of Law are Always ready to give us some help. Thank you Brno and Masaryk University !

The six months that changed me

Giuseppe Arcuri (Semesters:autumn 2016)
There are no words to describe my Erasmus, Brno is my second home, the courses are interesting is a different method than I am used to, but much better.

Experience from Masaryk University

Mariami Sharangia (Home university: Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Semesters:autumn 2016)
The best thing at Masaryk University is that you have very good staff, especially Zora Musilová, she always found time for our problems and always helped us. She was very friendly and I never felt that I was not in my hometown.


Anna Rakoczy (Semesters:autumn 2016)
These several months my friends and I spent in Brno studying law with people form the whole world, travelling and partying were the best time in my student career. It is impossible to describe it using words... It's just something you have to exeprience!

An unforgettable experience

Marco Poli (Semesters:autumn 2016)
My Erasmus+ experience at the Masaryk University has been amazing. Professors are passionate and competent. The University itself is a very stimulating environment: many extracurricular activities, autumn schools and conferences held in English have been organized during this semester. Furthermore, Brno is a wonderful place to live in, expecially when you have your 'ESN' friends ready to have a good time and to show you every hidden corner of the city!

Erasmus+ stay during autumn semester.

Weronika Miszewska (Semesters:autumn 2016)
Stay in Brno was great - it was unforgettable experience and I've met student with different cultural background. Teaching staff at MU was really helpful.

Erasmus +

Marta Kowalczyk (Semesters:autumn 2016)
It was a great pleasure and an opportunity to learn. My best semester of studies. Interesting classes, lots of fascinating topics and extra lectures. Besides, really nice city with beautiful architecture, convinient transport and lots of places to go. Great choice!

Studying at MU Faculty of Law

Luka Kos (Semesters:autumn 2016)
When I first arrived at Faculty of Law I really didn't have any expectations and the first impression I got was that people here are really nice and ready to help which was definitely proven during my stay here in Brno. Of all the subjects I have chosen, some were more interesting and some weren't really organised on the level that I usually expect from a subject that is teached on Faculty of Law. Here I need to express how European Cyberlaw was amazingly organised and professors (especially Prof. Radim Polčák) teached it in a very clear and understandable manner. Because of it, I write my thesis now in this field of law. Another subject I need to commend is Marketing for Lawyers which is perfect for Erasmus+ students because it provides a perfect amount of studying the matter (marketing), researching it and team work which enables possibility to connect with your colleagues which happened during my studies and from which arose really nice friendships. I do not regret choosing this Faculty of Law and I would, that is - I am recommending this faculty to other students at my home university.

Fantastic Erasmus experience

Hrvoje Klišanic (Semesters:autumn 2016)
I really enjoyed my time in Brno and on MU Faculty of Law. The Faculty offers a wide range of courses you can take, teachers are really great and up to date with current topics. What I like the most is the orientation towards technology, Internet, software, data protection, so if you would like to learn more about that growing area of law, I definitely recommend that you consider studying at MU Faculty of Law. Brno is really a student oriented city, with a really huge pool of international students, so it is great for meeting friends from literally every corner of the world. All in all, I really enjoyed my time in the Czech Republic and would definitely make the same choice again!

Erasmus Experience

Maria Ines de Azevedo Meneses (Semesters:autumn 2016)
I had the opportunity to spend one semester in this amazing country and city. It was definitely one of the most grateful experiences of my life. Brno is a universitary city, there are a lot of students and from many different nacionalities. Which is great to know other cultures and to improve our English. In the Czech Republic they have many different types of beer, and the beer is good and cheap! Bars all over the center; is a city full of life and animation. During the Halloween, 6/1, and other dates they do some exhibitions in the main square, every one can see and it is really nice. The public transportations are very very good... And also cheap! During the day you don't need to wait more then 3 minutes. And during the night you also have it, every hour one tram goes off from the main station. It is a very secure city to walk around during the day or night, I have never had any type of problems. Since the Czech Republic is in the center of Europe, you can travel around it for very good prices. Student Agency is my favorite company, it is very comfortable, you have screens to see movies, hear music, play games, etc, and during the journey they offer you coffe/ cappuccino/ hot chocolate... Concerning the classes: differently to what happens in some other countries, here they have special classes lectured in English for income students. And all the teachers I had, spoke extremely good English. Plus they are very accessible: Mr Michal Radvan (Czech and comparative tax law) told us about some cool bars we should go to, he was not just a professor but also a friend of all his students. The teachers do care about our grades, they provide us help for anything we ask them to; they have an amazing informatic system and they are very organized. Masaryk university invites some foreign professors to teach in intensive courses (1week), which give us the possibility to have some extra ECTS in some areas that we like and wouldn't be able to learn about if we weren't there. So, if you have the possibility to come to this city, do not hesitate. Just go. You won't regret it, I am 100% sure!

Erasmus of the workaholic

Oleh Bedrii (Semesters:autumn 2016)
Honestly, I've never heard about Masaryk University and even Brno. First of all this exchange program was the chance to receive as much from studying in foreign language as possible. These parties and events created specially for international students were not something I desired, so I focused on the essentials - studying and working on a few projects of mine. Naturally, I was exhausted in the end of the first month. It was a sign that my lifestyle requires some changes. For example in the form of the company of such frustrated boys and girls as me. Even despite our enormous ambitions, we all require some rest. New friends I've found here with almost the same dreams, plans and reasons for being nervous (hehe) made me believe in myself, create a few good projects for my hometown and spend a few relaxing months without useless "rat race", enjoying perfect beer, interesting discussions and lightning the fire into heart. Recently I've been back to Brno for a day to sign some documents. And I felt something I've never been feeling before. Nostalgia. Smell of the city, its people and my "buddy" I met that day made me smile, remembering everyone I met and left there. Briefly - welcome to Brno. This city will break your heart (in a good way).

My experience in Brno

Jovaras Komza (Semesters:spring 2016)
Coming here, to Brno wasn't an easy decision at all, but I must say a good one. Before coming here I didn't know much about the city, or even some facts about the country, but courses in Law faculty suited both my specialization and my personal interests, so I went to Brno. My experiences. From academic side: there are high variety of courses, some are easier, some are harder, mostly it depends on the teacher, talking about teachers all of them are very competitive, always happy to help, provide some additional material, they were superb. From life perspective: It's a pleasure to live in such a beautiful city like Brno, there are a lot of places you can go (depending what are seeking for), personally I lived in Kounicova dormitory, which is near the faculty (4 min walk) and city center (20 min walk), also Czechia overall is fantastic country aswell, you can go sightseeing to many different locations :). During my 5 months here, I really feel that I developed both individually and as a future professional. Summa summarum, YOU SHOULD COME HERE!

Brno Erasmus Experience

Filip Petrovic (Semesters:autumn 2015)
Going on Erasmus was my best decision. I highly reccomend it to everyone. The city is great, full of young students from all over the world. Faculty of Law is very organised, the teachers are always open, reasonable and willing to help foreingn students. Accomodation is also good ( Vinarska dormitory ) The prices are fine for most european countries. It is also a good place to travel from. Nightlife is very good with many clubs in the city centre.

The best choice

Laurynas Montvilas (Semesters:autumn 2015)
Choosing to do Erasmus was surely one of the best choices in my life. Doing so in Brno was as great as it could get. Brno is a lovely city, surrounded by hills, beautiful and well-kept architecture and full of amazing, open-minded and welcoming people. The awesome geographic position of this city allowed me to travel to travel from one beautiful country, to another, from great towns to even greater cities, to see landscapes I hardly dreamt of seeing. The Masaryk University is a good representation of the people it was built by and for. The institution is well organised, with amazingly helpful and understanding staff. My subjects managed to draw my attention and keep me interested, yet were not that time consuming when I would not be able to partake in other, more exploratory activities. I am most glad of the fact that I managed to highly develop personally here, I mostly improved my skills in communication, language, and gained a broader understanding of the world by living in a slightly different culture (my home country is Lithuania) with people of even larger cultural differences, which, when sitting by one table, start losing their importance. I would strongly recommend everyone to come to Brno and experience the one of a kind life that this city together with Erasmus program offers you!

Yes for Masaryk University and Brno!

Sanja Tomic (Semesters:autumn 2014)
Really, don\'t think about it, just choose Brno, you won\'t regret it. Yes, it sounds like a cliche but for me going to exchange to Brno was the best decision I made in my life. I gained experience that changed me for life, met the people that changed me for life, get to know myself, learned new skills, travelled a lot. Brno is a lovely city, not big but not small, not too crowded but a lot of students. Crazy in night life, calm in day time. Castle with a big park, a lake, good public transport connections during the day and night. For Masaryk University only the best words! Amazing organisation, warm staff at International Office that will help you when ever you need it and what ever it is. I was really surprised how kind and patient they are with every single person and it meant a lot to me. 5 months ago I was not sure do I really want Brno and now when I\\\'m typing this in my empty dorm room with all the stuff packed, I don\\\'t have words to describe how happy I am for my decision to go here! Brno is a place where you can feel almost like at home and you\\\'ll remember it a long time after you go home! :)

Enjoy the magic of Moravia

Ralica Ivanova Yordanova (Semesters:autumn 2014)
Choosing Masaryk University as a receiving institution for my Erasmus + Exchange was an easy choice - ever since I was 12 I've been in love with the Czech Republic. However, as I had lived in Prague before, I never had the chance to visit Brno and enjoy its atmosphere. The 5 months which I spent at Masaryk University in Brno changed me a lot - I grew up not only as a student, but also as an individual. I met people from all over the world and gained knowledge and understanding about their cultures. I had plenty of different experiences - from experiencing new teaching and study approaches to developing better communication skills and gaining deeper understanding about my fellow classmates. For me the Erasmus experience is a one-time chance in your life which you should embrace fully. Choose the Czech Republic! Do your Erasmus in Brno!

International Law students, come around!

Maria Victoria Rocha Braggio (Semesters:year 2014)
I would totally recommend the Masaryk University, Faculty of Law if you are looking for a nice enviroment, interesting academic experience and commited teachers The two semesters I spent at this Law School in Brno were quite exciting adn usefull in order to improve my Legal English and social skills. Also, it must be said that the geographical conditions of the Czech Republic (center of Europe) allow this Faculty to count among its students and staff of many many many international people, so you can definitely taste a lot of cultures and ways to work and study. Don't hesitate and enjoy Brno.

Several reasons to appreciate Brno

Rodrigo Moral Díaz-Calero (Semesters:autumn 2013)
I have several reasons to appreciate Brno and its Faculty of Law, but the most important ones are:\r\n\r\n-Professors and Office for International Relations really take care of the Erasmus students, and they are always ready to help you.\r\n-They have subjects that I could not have learned in my faculty back home.\r\n-There are no complications with the formalities, everything works as it is supposed to.\r\n-Brno is really close to three of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Prague, Vienna and Budapest but without all the noisy life that exists in a capital city (I am from Madrid, I know what I am talking about)\r\n\r\nChoose Brno, you will never regret it!

Fantastic semester in Brno

Marek Rec (Semesters:autumn 2013)
Hi, I'm Marek, student from University of Białystok, Poland. I spent\r\nfantastic semester in Brno, at the Faculty of law, MU. Kindly, helpful and\r\npolite people - it's what I met there. Well organised faculty, with modern\r\ninfrastructure, great teachers, well equipped library and with tasty food\r\nin Menza - mainly reasons to said it was awesome period of my life! Anyway\r\nI went there not just for studying... The city surprised me with its\r\nbeauty, many places for having fun and great localisation for travelling,\r\nwhat I love. In one sentence - time of my life! Don't waste your time - go\r\nto Brno for unforgettable memories.

Brno to enjoy

Alma Anton Garcia (Semesters:autumn 2013)
At the beginning I was afraid because everything was new for me. The first day I arrived to Brno, I realized that something magic was expecting to me. 4 months after I can say that this is the best experience I had in my entire life. Erasmus change people, you find yourself and realize that the world is too big to cover it. In each corner there is people who can teach you something, and you surprise yourself with feelings that you thought you'd have never.\r\nAbout the studies, I know all the people say that is easy and you can pass all your subjects without any problem, but my advice is that you should take advantage of all the efforts the teachers do for you can learn as much as you can in a different way. I hope you enjoy your experience at least how I did. And remember, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

Great atmosphere in Brno

Helena Minerva (Semesters:autumn 2013)
Brno is always open to people from abroad and so do this faculty. Teacher are young most of them, with good English and always available for help us with our doubts. The atmosphere is great cause teacher make us speak in class to share and learn the differences in all the countries. It was a very enriching experience. Last, but not least, if some problem cames up law coordinator will help to fix it as soon as possible.

Amazing city of Brno

Mateusz Wojciechowski (Semesters:autumn 2013)
Brno is amazing city. I not sightseeing very much, but places that I have visited have made a large impression on me, especially castle and ossuary (kostnice). But I arrived to Brno not only for sightseeing, but first of all for studies - searching materials for my dissertation.\r\n\r\nAnd what can I say about my “studies”. Officially I hadn't any classes, any exams etc., but unofficially I participated in some seminars of Mgr Kandalec, among other. I learned many interesting things there and I know that the level of expertise of the accademic staff at MU law faculty is very high. The rest of my studies I had in libraries, prosaically.\r\n\r\nI'm very happy that I arrived to Brno, and I think that in the near future I'll come back.

The best semester at MU

Ľudmila Moľová (Semesters:autumn 2013)
Getting out to the Czech republic for an exchange semester is one of the\r\nbest decisions I have made in my life. It wasn´t all really about\r\ntravelling but an experience of making new friends. We had a lot of fun\r\ntogether. I am glad for all my new experiences, meetting all this people\r\nfrom every possible places on earth because every day in my exchange\r\nsemester had been fruitful or inspiring to myself due their existence. I\r\nwill always remember the best semester of my life which I spent at MU.\r\n

Thumbs up for Brno!

Filip Karažija (Semesters:autumn 2013)
What can you desire more than romantic and fascinating town of Brno? Lot of\r\ninternational students, cool and friendly Czech people, absolutely\r\nphenomenal see-sight spots, great culture and mentality. I found Brno very\r\ninteresting because every, I stress, every kind of people can find\r\nsomething for themselves. Would it be running tracks, sport fields, amazing\r\nnature, big library, lovely and authentic restaurants, hundreds of pubs\r\nwith traditional Czech beer, mysterious castles, colossal churches or all\r\nof it, it depends on you! Brno is the town definitely worth to die for! ;)\r\n\r\nAlso, I was extremely pleased with the affability of the people working at\r\nthe Office for international studies at Masaryk University. My e-mails were\r\nreplied immediately with all the answers I needed, even more than that! It\r\nis very important to have punctual contact persons because almost all\r\nthings in Erasmus are connected with some dates and deadlines, so their\r\npunctuality and accuracy helped me a lot to have everything ready on time!\r\nThumbs up for them! :)\r\n\r\nI was studying one whole semester at Faculty of Law. Coordinator and all\r\npeople there (including professors :)) were very kind to us, foreign\r\nstudents. I felt, and still feel, very welcomed to Brno and the Faculty\r\nbecause of them. I can just say "Thank you". Professors were very flexible\r\nabout exams, timetables, we received all learning materials on time. There\r\nwere no stress in any point of being the law student at the Faculty. Also,\r\nboth foreign and local colleagues are willing to help with every issues you\r\nhave.\r\n\r\nI would definitely, with no delay, recommended Brno as your Erasmus\r\ndestination. I didn´t regret it at all! :)

Fabulous people in Brno

Agata Szreter (Semesters:year 2012)
Before going on my Erasmus I felt excited but a bit worried at one time. I was suppose to go to the place where I didn't know a person and where I have never been before. But the people I met in Brno were really fabulous. I made here a lot of friendships that I hope will last all my life. I also had a possibility to learn things I would never learn if I would not go for Erasmus! It was the biggest adventure of my life!

Achievement and enjoyment

Maciej Białek (Semesters:year 2012)
If you think, that learning Czech law is not going to be very useful in your future carrier ...you are probably right. What is going to be incredibly useful is the fluency in English and good knowledge of legal terminology you will achieve while enjoying your Erasmus stay in Brno.\\\\r\\\\n

Go to Brno!

Justyna Borodziuk (Semesters:year 2012)
I chose Brno as my erasmus destination and I have never regret it - it was\r\nsuch a good time in my life! Brno is a beautiful and student friendly city\r\nwith many interesting places (theatres, museums, planetarium, pubs,\r\nrestaurants) and events (I will never forget Your fantastic christmas\r\nmarket!). I really appreciate public transport, it's really well-organised.\r\nBrno has very good localisation (close to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, a few\r\nworth-seeing czech cities ) so it's a wonderful choice for people who'd\r\nlike to travel during their exchange. What is more, costs of living are\r\nrelatively cheap (in comparing to euro zone countries).\r\nI have very good memories about the Faculty of Law MU - friendly\r\nprofessors, interesting and well organising lectures and (what is also\r\nimportant) the best student canteen in the whole city!\r\nYou still don't know where to go? Go to Brno!

More than perfect Erasmus life

Claudia Marco De La Cal (Semesters:year 2012)
My Erasmus experience in Brno was absolutely unbeatable, I can only say that it was the best year of my life. At first is complicated manage documents of your home university and MU documents, but it is normal, you only have to do is find a couple of friends who will help you a little. And of course, ask for help from your coordinator Michael Radvan, he will do everything possible to help and solve your doubts.\r\nAfter that everything will be OK in your Erasmus academic life. I went to every classes and I got very good marks. It’s easy if you attend almost every classes, make every papers and do some presentations. The teachers in faculty of law are very nice and helpful!\r\nAnd as for the rest of your life Erasmus, it will be more than perfect! (parties every day, plans every day, feeling free and independent, trips all over Europe thanks to the excellent geographical location of Brno, try thousand kinds of food and drink, make real friends, even find the love of your life!). Erasmus is the mix of experiences of friendship, love, learn a lot, grow as a person, study only what is necessary, and BE REALLY HAPPY.\r\nDon’t doubt and go to Masaryk University, you will see how is the university of your life!!\r\n

Brno offers everything student can imagine

Venni Valkama (Semesters:year 2012)
If you want to learn how to speak fluent English with fancy accent, go to London. If you want a bragging reference in your CV, go to some Ivey League University in States. But.\r\n\r\nIf you want hell of an experience with genuine people and get some life lasting friends, I would highly recommend Masaryk University and Brno. Brno is vivid city in the heart of the Europe, offering everything student can imagine. People. Events. Beer. Experience.\r\n\r\nDo not hesitate to apply!

Erasmus in Brno - a fantastic experience

Clélia Laurent (Semesters:year 2012)
Dear future Erasmus student at Masaryk University, \r\nIt’s difficult to write about my experience as an Erasmus and a law student in Brno, there is so much to say! \r\nAbout the university and the courses, it was a really positive semester for me. I learn more about European and International laws and discover some subjects I had never studied like criminal law. There were lots of choices of courses and I chose really diverse classes. And as I don’t speak Czech, I picked lessons taught in English. Some lessons were only between Erasmus law student, we were about 5 or 6 in classes so it was really friendly, and others with Czech students too which was cool because it allowed me to meet people from Brno, not only Erasmus students. \r\nIn general, my Erasmus in Brno was really a fantastic experience: I met so many people, so different, spent so amazing times with them… The Erasmus community in Brno is really close, we get to know a lot of people and there is a really good atmosphere! \r\nI will stop writing now but I can only wish you to enjoy your Erasmus in Brno! \r\n

Great time in Brno

Saša Baltic (Semesters:year 2012)
I already knew Brno before my erasmus experience, because I was already\r\nthere before. Still I didn t get to know czech life style and habits before\r\nerasmus. I have to say that, I was no expecting such good level of english\r\nin my faculty of law. I didn t want to waste my time there just for fun, so\r\nI was realy glad that it was on such high level. The city itself was for me\r\ngreat. Not too expensive, but still enough places to go too and hang out.\r\nOf course, the beer in Brno is the best! In the dorms, there are people\r\nfrom all around the world, so there is a lot of diversity, which is also\r\namazing to experinece. Also, everybody at MU were willing to help me any\r\ntime, so I had no problems with any paper work.\r\n\r\nI would recommend Brno because of the prices, level of knowledge and great,\r\ngreat time.

Brno - great for learning and partying

Emese Szilágyi (Semesters:year 2012)
Starting your Erasmus-scholarship in Brno very presumably means that you are currently at the beginning of the most exciting adventure of your life, so far. The city itself is lovely, full of historical buildings and of the manifestations of the rich cultural life of Brno. The public transportation is also something a bit of a miracle: you can get everywhere in a few minutes for a reasonably low price. The nightlife is crazy and cool, and I cannot resist mentioning the beer: the beer in Brno is just as good as everywhere in the Czech Republic, it is a necessary ingredient of every party.\r\n\r\nOf course Erasmus is not only about party-time and sightseeing, but also about learning. On the one hand, being an exchange-student itself is a difficult and wonderful course: not only because you have to use a foreign language in everyday life, but because it is a real opportunity to experience cultural-diversity. Vinarská and Komarov are definitely homes of multicultural societies. On the other hand, Masaryk University and of course its Faculty of Law is a respectable institution, and with good reason: the professors are really kind, nice and helpful, but they know a lot and they are really keen on widening your knowledge, too. Masaryk is definitely a university where all the infrastructural and professional circumsatnces are given for learning.

Brno - a perfect place to study

Rita Kaminskait? (Semesters:year 2012)
I am confident to say that 2013 spring semester in Brno has been the best experience in my life so far. It changed me significantly. Not only I was enriched with new knowledge, study experience and English language skills delivered by the competent professors of Masaryk University, but it also changed me as a person. New environment, new culture, new languages, new places and new friends – all of this was life changing. Masaryk University, Brno and Czech Republic taught me a lot. This is a perfect place to study, to travel and to live. I am lucky that I spent my Erasmus here. Brno is the place where I will always want to come back to and I can definitely call it my home :-) It is hard to put into words as much as I gained there. I guess you just have to take a chance and experience it all by yourself. You won’t regret it. I swear :-)

Brno - perfect mix of academic and social experience

Alja Špegel (Semesters:year 2012)
I was attending Masaryk University Law Faculty in spring semester 2012/2013. I have really good experience with Masaryk University. The staff was really helpful and they were always available for any kind of questions and help. In Law Faculty was a lot of courses in English to choose from. I specially liked that courses was held in small groups, so we can really stay focus and involved in subject. The professors were very nice and adjustable. The work-load wasn't too heavy, and it allowed enough time to enjoy Erasmus experience in fullest.\r\n\r\nBrno is great middle size European city. It is really easy to get around. There is a lot of possibility to spend your days (going to lake, to zoo, to the castle…). I would specially like to mention the Masaryk University student club. They were very friendly and they organized at least one activity every week.\r\n\r\nI would warmly recommend Masaryk University to any student who is choosing his Erasmus destination, it has perfect mix of academic and social experience.

Brno - excellent choice

Cristina Suanzes Díez (Semesters:year 2012)
Studying at the Faculty of Law in Brno is, certainly, an excellent choice.\r\nFrom the academic point of view the faculty offers reduced lessons for the\r\nforeign students where teaching is almost personalized, and the staff is\r\nalways willing to help in everything needed. Moreover, in Brno you can\r\neasily find lots of options and cultural events to enjoy to the max all the\r\nfree time.\r\n

Erasmus - great first experience abroad

Patrycja Kurzaj (Semesters:year 2011)
I had a pleasure to study at the Masaryk University in 2011 and I have to admit it was one of the best experience from my life as a student. I attended various seminars, inter alia "European Labour Law" and "International and Czech Environmental Law" and I found them very interesting. We had classes in quite small groups, sometimes only 6 people which was a big advantage, because we felt much more comfortable while discussing some legal cases and everyone could share\r\nhis/hers opinions. I also really enjoyed a trip to Constitutional\r\nCourt, which was organized by our professor as a part of the "Theory of Law"\r\nclass. I was living in Vinarska student dormitory, participated in the ISC\r\nMU Brno events, met great people from all over the world and with some of\r\nthem, even after more than 2 years I still keep in touch. During my Erasmus\r\nin Brno I definitely developed my interpersonal skills and improved my\r\nEnglish. After such a great first experience abroad I decided to take a\r\npart in Erasmus programme again, therefore in 2013 for 4 months I had the\r\nopportunity to intern with an NGO in Malta.I would recommend the Faculty of\r\nLaw, MU to all international students.

Wonderful experiences in Brno

Cristina de la Calle Espada (Semesters:year 2011)
My name is Cristina de la Calle, my home institution was Alfonso X El Sabio, it's been in Madrid, Spain, and I spent two semesters 2011/2012 in the Masaryk University, Faculty of Law in Brno.\r\n\r\nMy experience was amazing, the kind of experience that can change your life. The first days were a little difficult (but it was only in the first moments), because the lenguage and the way of teaching were totally different than in Spain, and I mean that this way was participate in the lessons and learn the law in one country that it is not similar than Roman Law, but when you can learn other ways, your mind start to be open to other cultures and other way to do things.\r\n\r\nThe faculty, the building dont let one indifferent, you can felt the history of this place, and the teachers are cult, experienced, ultimately, people you can learn a lot. And when you mix this, with the experience to live in Brno, are wonderful, because Brno is one city where you can grow with other erasmus from all the countries in Europe and outside of Europe, and I think that it's a really important thing for all students, to have the possibility to spent time with all of different people, and all the help that brings the MU for the acomodation in the residences, in the subjets... makes a really great experience, because you are in a different country, like foreign, but you don't feel like this, make this time like your second home, and this is something that you can not forget it.

Masaryk University - First Choice

Michał Melon (Semesters:year 2011)
When I applied for Erasmus scholarship, I knew that my first and only choice is Law Faculty of Masaryk University. It was clear that I will spend semester in Brno and nowhere else. Luckily, I was admitted and became a student of MU in September 2011. The time spent in Czech Republic was the best experience during my studies. The courses were topnotch and scholars are real enthusiasts of their work. I met great people and had the opportunity to improve my knowledge of Czech language. Last but not least, the administrative emlpoyees of MU are really helpful and everytime provide you with precise inofrmation on your duties and all the paperwork. I strictly recommend Brno and MU as a destination of your foreign studies.

MU is great for Erasmus

Lukas Plevokas (Semesters:year 2011)
Masaryk University is really great choice for the Erasmus program. First of all, MU is very opened for foreign programs, not only for Erasmus, so you can meet students from all other the world, e.g. I had the opportunity to meet and study with Australian students. Also, the atmosphere of Brno is very welcoming for students, the city is nice and close to Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. As I was studying we had lectures then Professor was coming every week from Vienna University. In conclusion, Masaryk University is great and fun place for the Erasmus studies, and there are no doubts about it.

Good memories

Aleksandra Stącel (Semesters:year 2011)
Erasmus was one of my best experience, I met lot of great people from all\r\nover the world, had very interesting courses and spend time in beautiful\r\ncity as Brno is. Such a good memories!

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