Courses in Foreign Languages

MVD031KEuropean Court of Human Rights and Family LawAutumn 20173
MVV02KSummer School of ICT LawAutumn 20175
MVV0668KInternational Commercial ArbitrationSpring 20183
MVV109KIntroduction to US LawSpring 20185
MVV151KWritten Communication in Legal GermanAutumn 20173
MVV156KCounseling and NegotiatingAutumn 20175
MVV1568KLaw of Domain NamesSpring 20184
MVV169KRacism and the LawAutumn 20175
MVV189KCriminal Practice & Law (EU Focus)Spring 20185
MVV199KIntroduction to Austrian Private LawAutumn 20174
MVV210KLex Infinitum: VMSCL-WMO International Dispute Resolution CompetitionAutumn 20173
MVV21468KEuropean Human Rights Moot Court Competition ISpring 20185
MVV215KComparative Constitutional and Administrative Issues: Baltic States, the US, the EUAutumn 20175
MVV220KEuropean Company LawSpring 20185
MVV222KPosting of WorkersSpring 20185
MVV232KUS Criminal ProcedureAutumn 20175
MVV233KCompetition LawAutumn 20175
MVV234KLaw and Health TechnologyAutumn 20175
MVV235KTraditional Knowledge and Folklore in Intellectual PropertyAutumn 20175
MVV236KVideo Games and Intellectual Property LawAutumn 20175
MVV237KLegal EthicsAutumn 20175
MVV238KCorporate FinanceAutumn 20175
MVV240KLaw of World Trade OrganisationAutumn 20175
MVV241KComparative United States/European Union Labor and Employment LawAutumn 20175
MVV242KBetween Flexibility and Definitions in Polish Tax LawAutumn 20175
MVV243KJudicial Control of Administration in Comparative Law PerspectiveAutumn 20175
MVV244KINTA Trademark Moot CourtAutumn 20175
MVV245KImportance of the Principle of the Protection of Constitutional Values of Member States in EU LawSpring 20185
MVV246KEuropean Union Decentralised AgenciesSpring 20185
MVV247KMethods of Interpretation of Law in Poland and European UnionSpring 20185
MVV248KTaxpayers’ Rights and Global Tax Transparency RequirementsSpring 20185
MVV249KInternational Commercial Transactions: IntroductionSpring 20185
MVV250KEuropean Business LawSpring 20185
MVV251KModern Challenges of International TaxationSpring 20185
MVV252KThe Relationship between Russia and the European Union (on the example of the Czech Republic)Spring 20185
MVV253KCriminal Law and Procedure – From the Point of View of an Illinois LawyerSpring 20185
MVV255KExecutive Power under the Constitution of the United StatesSpring 20185
MVV256KIntroduction to Financial InstrumentsSpring 20185
MVV257KCommon Law and Roman Law TraditionSpring 20185
MVV32KHuman Rights in EuropeAutumn 20174
MVV3368KIntroduction to Austrian Law – from the Perspective of an AttorneySpring 20185
MVV352KGerman Legal HistoryAutumn 20174
MVV3768KAustrian and Czech Corporate Law in Comparative PerspectiveSpring 20185
MVV57908KIntroduction into Investment Law and ArbitrationAutumn 20174
MVV59KSoftware LawAutumn 20174
MVV60KCybersecurity LawSpring 20184
MVV69KInternational and European Intellectual Property LawSpring 20184
MVV73KLegal Writing, USA-StyleAutumn 20175
MVV7917KPrivate International Law, Intellectual Property Rights and the InternetAutumn 20174
MVV7923KCurrent Issues in U.S. Intellectual Property LawAutumn 20175
MVV98KEuropean Immigration and Asylum LawSpring 20185
MV517KGerman and Austrian Systems of Procedural LawAutumn 20174
MV617KGerman and Swiss Systems of Procedural LawSpring 20184
MV836KSchool of Polish LawSpring 20184
MX003KThe Twilight of ConstitutionalismAutumn 20173
MX003KThe Twilight of ConstitutionalismSpring 20183
SOC001Comparative Constitutional Law and PoliticsAutumn 20176
SOC002International and Czech Environmental LawAutumn 20176
SOC002International and Czech Environmental LawSpring 20186
SOC003Public Administration in the Czech RepublicSpring 20186
SOC004Selected problems of Czech Criminal LawAutumn 20176
SOC004Selected problems of Czech Criminal LawSpring 20186
SOC009Competition Policy and Competition LawAutumn 20176
SOC009Competition Policy and Competition LawSpring 20186
SOC015Czech Legal CultureAutumn 20176
SOC015Czech Legal CultureSpring 20186
SOC016General Theory of LawAutumn 20176
SOC016General Theory of LawSpring 20186
SOC017Czech Family LawAutumn 20176
SOC018Copyright LawSpring 20186
SOC019EU LawSpring 20186
SOC020Czech and Comparative Tax LawAutumn 20176
SOC020Czech and Comparative Tax LawSpring 20186
SOC022European CyberlawAutumn 20176
SOC022European CyberlawSpring 20186
SOC030European Private International LawAutumn 20176
SOC031International Law in International Tribunals and Domestic CourtsAutumn 20176
SOC032International Criminal LawAutumn 20176
SOC032International Criminal LawSpring 20186
SOC034Introduction to the European Union LawAutumn 20176
SOC036Marketing for LawyersAutumn 20173
SOC036Marketing for LawyersSpring 20183
SOC037European Labour LawAutumn 20176
SOC037European Labour LawSpring 20186
SOC038Introduction to the Czech Civil LawAutumn 20176
SOC041Introduction to Legal English for Erasmus StudentsAutumn 20176
SOC041Introduction to Legal English for Erasmus StudentsSpring 20186
SOC042Constitutional Adjudication – Morphology, Genealogy and LegitimacySpring 20186
SOC043Work on Diploma ThesesAutumn 201720
SOC043Work on Diploma ThesesSpring 201820
SOC044Basics of EU Environmental LawAutumn 20176
SOC044Basics of EU Environmental LawSpring 20186
SOC045European Economic AreaSpring 20186
SOC046Roman LawAutumn 20176
SOC047Legal History in the Middle European AreaAutumn 20176
SOC048The Influence and Abandonment of Roman Law TraditionSpring 20186
SOC049Law of Succession in the Middle-European AreaSpring 20186

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